2022 Seniors Info

2022 SENIOR Yearbook Info!

Submit your 2022 Senior Portrait + Quote by logging onto your ASD Google Account and then going to bit.ly/mustang2022.

New for 2022! Senior Ads are now called Senior Tributes. The premise will remain about the same. 

Ad prices are $200 for a full page, $125 for a half, and new this year we are offering quarter pages for $75. Sales close January 8th, 2022. All sale proceeds go directly to yearbook funds to help offset the cost of the yearbook, purchase new cameras and other equipment, and provide training and support to the student-lead yearbook staff. Thank you for supporting our student publication!

Buy yours today at http://www.yearbookforever.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between a Senior Tribute and a Senior Portrait? 
A. A Senior Portrait is a photo of your senior that is submitted by your senior via google form before December 15. It replaces your senior’s school photo in the yearbook. This is totally free. A Senior Tribute is where a family of a graduating senior purchases space in the yearbook to share photos and messages of celebration for their graduate. This is optional and costs $75-$200. 

Q. How do senior portraits work? 

A. A Senior Portrait is a photo of your senior that is submitted by your senior via google form before December 15. It replaces your senior’s school photo in the yearbook. All other students must attend picture day or make-up picture day in order to be in the yearbook. You can simply snap a photo of your senior sometime over the summer, or hire a professional photographer to do a senior portrait session. If you choose to hire a professional, you will need to have the portrait file sent to your student so they can complete the google form and upload the picture. Our recommended photographer is Fitzgerald Photography, but you can choose to use any photographer that will provide your senior with a file to upload. Senior portrait sessions can get fairly expensive. If your senior is on the free or reduced lunch list, we hope to hold some mini portrait sessions in late September to help them get professional looking photos for free. These will not be nearly as nice as the pro photos, though, so if you’re able to support local businesses, please do! 

Q. What will Senior Tributes look like? 
A. They will be very similar in format to last year’s senior Tributes. The fonts, colors, and background images will be different depending on the theme selected by the yearbook staff in August. We will have some sample ads for you to see after early bird pricing ends October 1. 

Q. What goes into a Senior Tribute?
A. Your Senior Tribute usually includes a message of congratulations and a series of photos showing the students’ childhood, activities, and accomplishments. Often photos with friends and family members are included, as well as a few different photos from a senior portrait session if you chose to do one. Please try not to include your students’ exact senior photo as this will appear elsewhere in the book. Full page ads can accommodate up to 14 photos, though 6-10 usually look best. . Half page ads can hold up to 6, though 4-5 usually look best. Quarter page photos can hold up to 3, but if your message is long, a single photo will do. Simply googling “Yearbook Senior Ad” and clicking on “images” can show you what kind of photos and messages and common. 

Q. Can my business donate ad space for a senior tribute?
A. YES! Your business can sponsor a senior (or a dozen, if you really want to) to receive ad space. You can choose up to 1 specific senior, and any additional donations will go to our list of seniors who receive free and reduced lunch that have expressed interest in getting a senior tribute or free yearbook. In return, your business will have their logo featured on our sponsors page, receive shout outs on our social media, and get a “thank you” poster to display in your store front. Donations can range from $150 to $1,000 or more. Please email handeland_mackenna@asdk12.org for more info, or if you have no particular senior in mind, you can go to yearbookforever.com and purchase ads or yearbooks and put “Donation” in the student name space at checkout. 

Q. What if I have multiple seniors graduating? 
A. If you want to purchase multiple yearbooks, use code TWINS (even if they aren’t twins!) to get $10 off your 2nd yearbook. If you want to purchase multiple ads, we can design a full page ad for two students, or sell you a full page for $200 but design two separate ½ page ads. 

Q. What if we have two sets of parents for one student? 
A. Preferably, families can work together to design and pay for the ad. We can put two separate messages on one full page ad if that is what works best for you. Alternatively, families can purchase separate ads for the same student. They will appear on separate pages and we will work with both families to make sure the photos are different and that the ads work in harmony. 

Q. What is not allowed in Senior Tributes? 
A. Sorry, but all baby photos must be fully clothed or swaddled. Baby swimsuits are okay. Full song lyrics that are copyrighted cannot be included in your message. All photos should be school appropriate. Hunting photos are OK as long as the student is the focus and not the hunting weapons. Carcasses should be intact. Selfies, casual photos, and hand signs are fine as long as they are school appropriate. 

Q. What is not allowed in Senior Portraits? 
A. The student’s face should be the focus of the senior portrait, and the only person in the photo. They should be facing mostly towards the camera in school appropriate clothing. No weapons, drug references, hand signs, or large props are allowed. Pets are discouraged. If you have a great photo with your pet, send it in for the pets page! If your senior photo does include any animals, the student still needs to be the focus of the photo. Small props, such as a football or hockey stick are fine, but should not be the focus of the image. Headgear and hats are discouraged, and your photo will be rejected if your face is largely obscured by them. 

Q. How do I submit senior portraits? 
A. Students will submit via this google form using their ASD account by December 15. Please include a valid email on the form, so we can contact you if there are any issues. If we cannot get an appropriate photo, we will use your school photo. If you are not here for picture day or make-ups, you will be listed as not pictured and unable to include a senior quote. 

Q. How do I submit senior quotes?
A. Senior quotes and surveys will be completed via Google form by March 5, 2022. Quotes must be school appropriate and cannot include lyrics from any explicit songs or rated-R movies. If the quote is not directly from the student, the original speaker must be cited. No time stamps from movies or TV shows, acronyms, or other secret messages will be allowed. Basically, if Ms. Handeland has to look it up on Urban Dictionary, it’s not going in the book. 

Q. How are Senior Superlatives going to work? 
A. We hope to have Senior Superlative voting in person. In-person or online, if we don’t receive more than 50% participation from the senior class, superlatives will be scrapped. No tie breakers will be held– if there is a six-way tie or something similar with each student receiving just three or four votes, that category will be skipped. Yearbook staff reserves the right to control superlatives under the direction of Chugiak Administration.

Q. Can I bring in hard-copy photos to put in the Senior Tribute?
A. Yes, but at your own risk. We’d prefer photos are uploaded directly to Walsworth’s website. You can drop hard copies of photos off at the school, but they could be damaged or lost. The best way to second-best way to guarantee they get back to you is to include a self-addressed, pre-stamped envelope for us to return them to you. The first-best way is to download a photo scanning app on your smart phone, scan them yourself, and upload them to the ad sales webpage.