October 21st-29th Good Things

Did you know that the first newspaper at Chugiak was called The Mustang Round Up? This is how Babiche’s original name, The Last Round Up, originated. The newspaper staff put out a monthly paper and bound it all together in a summary book at the end of the year– thus, “The Last Round-Up”. So here is your Mustang Round-Up for October, compiled by the kids for our Chugiak High Staff. This half of the month was a whirlwind of Good Things! Thanks for being a part of the best school community in Alaska!

GET ON YOUR BELLY: Riflery had another meet last Thursday and Rachel “Jay” Banks got some awesome shots.

GET DUNKED: Monday’s Spirit week programming included a teacher dunk tank fundraiser. Special shout out to all the teacher-coaches who signed up to be dunked. Photos by Hailey Pierce and Megan Sutton.

ON WEDNESDAYS, WE WEAR PINK: Sweater Weather, Country vs. Country Club, + Wear Pink Wednesday were celebrated as dress-up days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Photos by Hailey Pierce, Skye Robbins, Megan Sutton, and whoever she handed the camera to.

SNARLY: Mr. Kinder’s classes celebrated Mole Day on Monday this week, since the actual mole day was on our inservice last Friday. 1st place went to Keira McMillian, 2nd Sorroco Taylor, and 3rd was Gage ?? (poor journalism notes from our staff).

PIE-DAY: Teachers take pies to the face for a good cause on Tuesday. Photos by Suella Wendell, Hailey Pierce, Dawson Mason, and Megan Sutton.

SPOOKY, SCARY, SKELETONS: Photos from Friday’s Halloween costume dress-up day. Photos by Skye Robbins, Suella Wendell, Hailey Pierce, Taylor Kamrath, and Kelsyn Bailey

NO HATS IN SCHOOL: Band classes carve pumpkins on Wednesday as part of their post-concert celebrations. They also dressed up Friday. That’s Ben “Pumpkin Head” Harmon on the drum kit. Photos by Abigail Woodley and Suella Wendell.

SEE YOU AROUND: Glimpses of Art Hall’s gallery, HALL-oween Decor, and a freshly updated FCCLA board. Photos by Kelsyn Bailey and Audrey Slanga.

YEARBOOK NEWS: The Spirit Store had its Grand Opening, under the direction of Abby Sutton and Abigail Woodley. They are open daily at Lunch and sporadically after school next week. Hailey Pierce, who is our Senior Tributes Editor this year, set up at the Bright Futures Career Fair on Tuesday. Megan Sutton snapped a selfie of the Yearbook Staff after our Cover Design session! The staff is SO EXCITED to announce their theme, so stay tuned for next week.

GAME FACE: Volleyball had a costume practice scrimmage between Varsity and JV on Friday night, and then C1/C2/JV nearly swept the end-of season tournament today, with C1 and JV taking first in their brackets and C2 taking 2nd in theirs. Costume photos by Doug Klein (Abby Klein’s dad and Coach Sandi’s husband), who is a crazy awesome Mustang booster. If you’re not following his Instagram @dksportsphotos, you are missing out! JV Group shot sent in by Super Stang Carolyn Burrill.

GOURD-GEOUS: Pumpkin Carving contest participants were on display in the library on Thursday. Pictured are judges Laurie Templeton and Angie Armstrong.

TO BE UPLOADED: The Yearbook Staff has 72 hours to upload event photos. If you’re reading this on Saturday, check back on Monday or Tuesday to see more photos from the costume contest, more Volleyball and Swim coverage, and shots from Friday night’s Mask-arade Improv Show.

ICYMI: From earlier this month we have lots of exciting sports coverage, concerts, art, STUD GOV, Flag Detail, Cell Organelle Speed Dating, and Volleyball Senior night! Photos by Megan Sutton, Audrey Slanga, Skye Robbins, Rowan Campbell,

Did you love this review from October? Please let us know by emailing handeland_mackenna so we know if this “Mustang Round-Up” is worth putting out each month, bi-weekly, weekly, or never. You can also support student journalism by buying a Yearbook! Use code SPOOKY for $5 off through midnight on 10/31. Please also compliment our student photographiers (and Doug Klein) on their awesome event coverage and have lots of flexibility when they ask to leave your class again to go shoot photos.

Please also help Ms. Handeland by letting her know which staff are struggling so we can convert thier Yearbook time to study hall and limit their evening event coverage.


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