November 1-18th Good Things

A Mustang Round-Up of some of the “Good Things” at Chugiak this month!

JUST SHOOT ME: Photography class works in low light and darkroom. Photos by Dawson Mason, Jay Banks, and Rowan Campbell.

BLUE STEEL: Orchestra students Robert Cavillo, Kieran Richardson, and Sam Spanos pose for headshots ahead of their All-State Orchestra appearance. Photos by Suella Wendell

BRASS SALUTE: The Army Band visits Orchestra on Wednesday, November 17th. Photos by Suella Wendell

PITCH PERFECT: Choir Students pose for headshots ahead of their All-State appearance. We have both mixed choir and treble choir representing Chugiak this week. Photos by Hailey Pierce

ONE STONE, TWO EAGLES, 7 AWARDS: DDF Cleaned up at the West Invitational Tournament on Nov 6-7. Charlotte Swenson placed in all three of her events in her farewell tournament. All other DDFers are ready to return in January for six whirlwind weeks with two invitational tournaments and the State competition in mid-February.

LATERGRAM: More Halloween photos, which were uploaded a little too late for the last “Good Things” round-up.

S’MORES + GRAVITY: Mr. Smith’s Chemistry class practices lab safety with Bunson burner s’mores while his physics class continues to enjoy their material. Photos by Abigail Woodley

TURKEYS ALL AROUND: Winter sports are underway and Bowling is no exception! Photos by Hailey Pierce.

DEADLINES + BIRTHDAYS: Yearbook students completed a guided meditation to destress from our first major deadline. We also celebrated Staffer Skye’s birthday with our first birthday-gram from the Student Store. Stop by anytime to pre-order a birthday-gram, congratulations-gram, or any other “thinking of you” message you’d like to send. Packages range from $8-25.

RIFF-ON: Improv’s Halloween Mask-arade show was well attended and super funny! Photos by Taylor Kamrath.

LET”S BLOW STUFF UP: Kinder’s classes working with explosions and creation. Conceptual Chemistry (4th hour) plays with magnesium. 3rd-hour Chemistry works to create copper.

ALEX-A, DISSECT A HEART FOR ME: Mrs. Alex’s classes have spent the last few weeks dissecting hearts and partnering with Gailey’s pottery class to create anatomy art.

ALL-ABOUT ALL-STATE: All-State Band, Choir, + Orchestra Festival kicked off at Chugiak High on Thursday, November 18th. Pretty much every empty room in the building has been utilized to make this event happen in person. They brought together dozens of the best student musicians from all over Alaska. This two-day intensive workshop, with directors of national acclaim, culminates in a series of concerts at West High’s auditorium on Saturday. Please join us in congratulating the 20+ Chugiak Students who were selected to represent CHS at this prestigious event.

ARTSY: Drawing + Painting explores line and color. Photos by Jay Banks and Rowan Campbell.

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