Good Things March 16-April 26, 2022

A Mustang Round-Up of the “easy” part of 4th quarter!

Hello and happy DAY OF CARING! Your WDS kids are hard at work today giving back to the community that has raised them into the awesome folks they are. Here’s a round up of everything from mid-WACKO week ’till now.

WACKO IS BACK: Some of our favorite images from WACKO. Photos by Abigail, Laura, Rowan, Hailey, and Suella.

FULL OF SPIRIT: CHS Cheer, lead by Tori Metzger, competed in the state championships in March.

CLASS OF 2026: Upcoming freshmen visited Chugiak in early April to learn more about classes and the building. Shout out to the counseling team and Claire Torbensen (who is a current Mirror Lake Counseling Intern in all her free time) for making this day positive and smooth for everyone! Photos by Abby, Ben, Lilly, Abigail, and Hailey.

WE GOT THE BEAT: Students blew off stress during state testing with Salsa lessons organized by Spanish Immersion. Photos by Suella and Abigail.

LOOKING FOR MR. RIGHT: Student leaders gather to participate in a zoom panel of superintendent candidates. Photos by Jay.

SINK OR SWIM: First Aid made cardboard boats and tested their life jackets by trying to make it across the pool in them. Photos by Abigail and Skye.

RETURN OF THE FRIZZ: Ultimate Frisbee is back on Mondays and Thursdays at lunch. Photos by Abigail.

ROUNDING THE BASES: Chugiak Baseball is starting their season with lots of games at the Bartlett High fields. Photos by Megan.

NITROGEN-DAAS: Arch-nemesis Kinder and Mason teamed up for wold peace and liquid nitrogen ice cream last week. Photos by Skye.

CAN’T STOP OUR GLOW: Students dressed up for Glow Day Monday for the start of Step Down Spirit Week. Photos by Suella, Skye, and Cameron.

STOP. SCOOTER TIME: Mr. Reed’s class speeds across the hallway to point out the correct map locations during a geography quiz on Tuesday, April 26.

MOCK TRIAL: WDS Junior/Senior Cohort host a mock trial on April 13. Judge Brie Reed presided, with panda express to help her stay focused. Photos by Rowan .

WE HEART TEACHERS: Stud Gov hard at work on Teacher Appreciation posters. We tried to keep these spoiler free, but the photos we have of finished posters look AWESOME! Photos by Shy.

INDIGENOUS CLUB: Students present on missing and murdered indigenous women during their club meeting on April 20th. Photos by Taylor.

WDS CARE BEARS: World Discovery Seminar celebrated their annual Day of Caring on Tuesday, April 26 with a series of opportunities to give back. Breakout groups included making fry bread and spring roll salads for teachers, washing cars, staining benches, gardening in the community garden, making graduation hats for Seniors (you’ll see more next week), grab-and-go birthday bags, blankets for Covenant House, inspiring chalk messages and locker signs, and more.

TOO BIG TUESDAY: This is the only photo we have so far for Too-Big Tuesday, but we think it says it all. Remaining spirit days are:
Wednsday: Camo vs. Corporate (hunting gear or business attire)
Thursday: You Don’t Even Go Here (wear shirts for another school)
Friday: Rising Class Day (Freshmen wear yellow, sophomores green, juniors blue, and seniors wear a shirt that represents their college or career plans or their favorite chugiak wear)
Teachers could join the seniors and wear a t-shirt from college or just go crazy with the mustang gear!

Please let us know what we’re missing !

Senior Awards Ceremony TONIGHT 6:30pm
Baseball @ Bartlett tonight
JV Softball @ Loretta French Tonight
Varsity Softball @ Loretta French tomorrow
Soccer at 5 + 7 @ CHS tomorrow
JV Softball @ Loretta French Thursday
JV Track @ Dimond Thursday
Baseball @ Bartlett Thursday
Spring Choir @ CHS 6pm Thursday
Last day for prom tickets (seniors, due to fun day)

Senior Fun Day Friday
Step Down Assembly Friday
Last day for Prom Tickets (juniors)
Spanish Immersion Graduation Friday night
PROM 8-11pm on Saturday at Chugiak
WDS Graduation Tuesday 5/3 during 1st hour
Band Concert Wednesday 5/4
Senior’s Last Day Friday 5/6
Orchestra Concert ??

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