November 18-December 4 Good Things

A “Mustang Round-up” of Good Things from around Chugiak the second part of November!

ARTSY: Images from Art + Photography class this month. Photos by Jay + Rowan.

FACE-ON: All-State Band headshots! Some final photos from the All-State music festival on November 18th. Photos courtesy Kody Trombley and Ruth Schwartz.

TOSS-UP: Mustang Hockey accepts a huge donation of Teddy Bears for Saturday night’s matchup with ERHS from Officer Burton and APD. Photos by Hailey Pierce.

TURKEY TIME: Bowling is off to a great start! Photos by Rowan, Suella, and Psalm.

MOOSE-MEAT-MAKING: You already know about it. Now here’s the glorious photos of an incredible day for the WDS freshmen! Go Mr. Mason! Photos by Rowan, Jay, and Suella.

TURKEY SHOOT: Great shots from the pre-thanksgiving Turkey Shoot. Thanks to Frau Senden, the clerical staff, and NJROTC for making this annual event as fun as ever! Photos by Hailey.

TIE-DYE OR DIE: Yearbook had their Holiday party on Wednesday and tie-dyed new staff shirts while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Photos by Taylor.

OH CHRISTMAS TREE: Students decorated the Art Hall with Holiday cheer! Photos by Jay.

EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION: WDS Exchange students presented information on their home countries to the WDS cohorts. Photos by Suella.

MUSTANK: The Student store completed a market analysis in November and as a result re-branded their deodorant for sale. For just $1, you too can be the proud owner of the newest in self-care: MUSTANK (trademark pending).

WRESTLING WITH EMOTION: Some moody shots from a darkened gym at the last Wrestling dual. Senior night photos coming soon… as soon as we figure out which SD card they are on.

SPIRIT WEEK: Some graphics made by Hailey for spirit week next week. See you Monday in your best jammies 🙂

Stay tuned for our final round-up of 2021, featuring Wrestling Senior night, Hockey games, Salsa Dancing, the start of Basketball season, and Holiday spirit week!

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